Our Healthcare IT services, assist Healthcare organizations that are planning to implement a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to have successful implementations. We also assist Healthcare organizations that are planning on updating an existing EMR or migrating from an existing EMR to another EMR to be successful in their projects.

EMR Implementation:

  • Project Planning –
    • planning your EMR project with your IT and Healthcare organization,
    • setting expectations for impact to staff and services,
    • identifying issues and risks, and
    • working with the stakeholders to minimize impact to clinicians as well as patient population
  • Project Management – complete project management including
    • developing project schedules,
    • managing tasks,
    • working with external vendors, and
    • co0rdinating with your EMR vendors
  • Project Implementation – rollout of the EMR to your sites including
    • training the staff,
    • making sure IT has deployed and configured the devices,
    • data migration is executed,
    • users have been provisioned for the new system, and
    • making sure that each site is ready for Go Live.

Migration of Data from Legacy Systems:

Our data migration experts can assist your organization towards:

  • exporting data from existing systems – paper based, excel, custom systems and databases, external vendors or another EMR, and
  • loading them into the new system to ensure that your new EMR is primed prior to cutover to the new system.

Our services include

  • study of data quality from source,
  • planning and managing data cleanup,
  • working with your organization to identify data that will need to be manually entered,
  • provide resource estimates, and
  • developing Extract, Transform and Load scripts as needed.

Our consultants are experienced and certified in the top three leading EMR applications available today and thus understand the complexities of each system.