Our Services

  • Healthcare EMR Implementation

    Never skip a heartbeat

    EMR applications are complex systems that strain Healthcare organizations meagre IT departments. We assist them in making EMR implementations, changing an existing one or migration from one EMR to a new EMR successful. Our services include Project Planning, Project Management, Project Implementation as well as Data Migration. We work with your organization to Extract, Transform and Load data from legacy systems and external partner systems to your new EMR.

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  • IT Project Management Consulting Services

    On Budget On Time - Every Time!

    With almost 30 years of experience of project management and application development in the IT industry that includes consulting for global powerhouses and innovators in the financial services and public sector in Europe, Asia and United States, our consultants have the depth of experience and knowledge to face any challenge and help our clients succeed.

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  • Cloud Adoption Services

    Your Trusted Partner to the Cloud!

    Today, IT leadership for many private and public sector organizations are realizing that adopting cloud based services is becoming a necessity for them to provide the levels of service that the business desires. However, very few IT organizations have the necessary skills to evaluate, plan and manage the adoption of cloud. With our Cloud Adoption Services, we assist our clients in selecting the right cloud migration path, transition approach, operating model and service providers.

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  • Data Analytic Services

    Helping You Sharpen the Image!!

    Data analytic is increasingly becoming the catalyst for business growth, optimization and customer service. Today’s business leaders need capability in their hands and on their mobile devices to run predictive analysis and see real time view of their business. Our portfolio of data analytics includes use cases for several industries including healthcare, government, energy, as well as commercial.

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